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Extra sharp, extra good. We’re talking about those mouthwateringly cheeses with high acid and quite a bite. Four of our sharpest cheeses will delight the cheese lover who wants an all-consuming cheese flavor, impossible to forget.

Our Sharp Cheese Lover Collection contains the following:
Black Creek 3 Year Aged Cheddar 7 oz. - A classically sharp cheddar aged for three years. In that time, the moisture decreases as the cheese gets more of that zesty kick.
Extra Sharp Provolone 8 oz. - A South-Italian cow’s milk cheese with a bite. This one’s aged even longer to develop that sharpness. Dynamic and tasty.
Pecorino Romano 7 oz. - This is like the sheep’s milk version of a sharp cheddar. Pecorinos are rich and bold, with lots of lemony tang and puckering acidity. This cheese makes a great ingredient over pasta and salad because you won’t forget it’s there.
Original Blue 8 oz. - A sharp creamy blue from California. It excels in all departments: smooth dense, creamy and bold.

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