French Pungent Cheeses

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If the French do anything well, it's stinky cheese. And we love them for it. This group features four classic cheeses from France with pungent aromas and delectably strong flavors. Get your baguette and wine ready because this is gonna be fun!

Our French Stinkers collection contains the following:
Pont L'Eveque 6.3 oz. -Will Studd's 'Le Conquerant'. Kind of like brie, but more pudgy and meaty, and a little funky.
Epoisses 8.8 oz. - an iconic French stinker. Its wrinkly orange rind holds all the secrets of its funk. The smell is like hay, and the inside tastes like beefy creamy goodness. It’ll ooze in the best way.
Petit Munster 7.8 oz. - A funky little thing, unlike the American "munster" in your local deli case.
Roquefort Papillon Black Label 8 oz. - An ancient blue cheese made with sheep’s milk and aged in caves, where it develops its natural blue cavernous texture. The flavor is strong, salty, and tangy, and at room temperature you’ll nose will tell you it’s there.

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