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Fresh cheese is exactly that: cheese that's meant to be eaten fresh, shortly after being made. Fresh cheeses tend to be very moist, bright white, and have delicate flavors that highlight the quality of the milk. All around the world different cultures have their own version of fresh cheese, a way to preserve milk a little longer. These styles are extremely versatile: the applications are truly endless and allow for such creativity of pairing, cooking, preparing. This collection is a perfect introduction to the most notable fresh cheeses of the world.

Our Fresh Cheese Sampler contains the following:

Ricotta 16 oz. - This classic Italian fresh cheese is like enjoying a subtly sweet cloud. Classic in dishes like lasagna or cannoli, and more, it’s refreshing and exciting on a cracker with some jam, with cured meats, or even fruit for dessert.
Burrata 8 oz. - Mozzarella’s cousin who has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Much like mozzarella, this "pouch" of cheese is stuffed with cream and soft cheese. Cut open and richness will pour out. Perfect with tomatoes, beets, salad, or squash. Potentially life-changing.
Mascarpone 8 oz. - When fresh cheese becomes silky and rich, that's amore….we mean mascarpone! After all, mascarpone and love are very similar. This delectable cheese is smooth, and perfect with desserts or used to richen a sauce.
Galotyri Cheese 6.3 oz - A light cheese like sour cream, traditional to Greece. Galotyri is made with sheep and goat's milk, creating a flavorful, tangy, very soft cheese which can be used for toppings, sauces, in baked potatoes and on vegetables, soups, and more. Very unique.

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