German Cheese Assortment

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Germany is not known around the world for their cheese production, but they do have a rich cheese making history. Many types of cheese were imitations from surrounding countries, Germany also has quite a number of original cheese types, most of them are produced in the Bavaria Allgau region in Southern Germany. Our German Cheese Assortment offers a variety of flavors (8 oz. per cheese):

Cambozola Black Label: a triple cream soft-ripened blue cheese that is matured in special cold cellars. The flavor is creamy with a sweet nutty undertone
Basils Original Rauchk�se: a semi-soft smoked cow's milk cheese that is smoked over beech wood. The cheese has a rich, creamy texture and special, smoky flavor.
Champignon Mushroom: a triple-cream, soft-ripened cheese with small pieces of hand-picked mild mushroom.
Rougette Cheese: a washed rind cheese with an orange tint on the outer edge, which gives it an unusual and interesting appearance. This cheese has a mild stinky flavor and aroma and is quite pleasant.

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