Gluten Free Cheese Board

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It's true cheese boards are classically served with bread or crackers. But there are endless ways to create a gluten-free cheese board which everyone can enjoy. This collection features three different styles of cheese, three accompaniments, and two types of gluten free crackers. We think even the gluten-eaters won’t notice anything missing.

Our Gluten Free Board contains the following:
Alehouse Cheddar 7 oz. – A classic Vermont cheddar with the addition of two types of artisan beer from Harpoon Brewery. The sharp cheddar is perfectly balanced with the hoppy sweet addition.
Bijou Cheese 4 oz. – A button of a goat cheese, lightly aged until it develops a delicate velvety rind. Bright, tangy, and adorable.
Jarlsberg Cheese 7.5 oz. – Norway’s beloved version of a baby Swiss cheese. Big holes are instantly recognizable across a nutty, milky, and slightly sweet cheese.
Balsamic Fig Chutney 4.4 oz. – The sweetness of figs harmonizes perfectly with the acidity of a splash of balsamic. A wonderful pairing both sweet and savory.
Jose Andres Sweet Piquillo Pepper Confit 4.4 oz. – Sweet and smokey, made from only the most perfect piquillo peppers. Wonderful with cheese, meat, tapas, and more.
Whipped Honey with Cinnamon 3 oz. – Honey whipped into a soft fluffy spread, perfect for cheese and desserts. A little cinnamon adds a comforting flavor and aroma.
Pumpkin Seeded Flatbreads 3.5 oz. – A seeded delight. These are good on their own, or with cheese, soups, salads and more. Crispy, crunchy and flavorful.
Gluten Free Wafer Crackers 3.5 oz. – Thin, crisp, yet sturdy. These gluten free wafers are the perfect neutral cracker to enjoy with cheese, charcuterie and more.

Note: Board is not included.

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