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The variety in Goat's Milk Cheese has become so much richer over the years that these cheeses can compete with the cow's milk cheeses. There are soft, hard, blue, soft-ripened, tangy and/or creamy and you will find gourmet goat cheese from all over the world. We selected for you a Dutch, Spanish, and two quite different American Goat cheeses.

Goat Gouda - (8 oz.) Gouda style cheese is a creamy gourmet goat cheese, with just the right amount of tanginess, perfect in salads or tossed with vegetables as well as melted on toast.
Drunken Goat - (8 oz.) a young cheese, made of pasteurized goat's milk and soaked in Monastrell wine for about 3 days and aged for just a couple of months.
Wild Blueberry Lemon Thyme Goat Cheese - (4 oz.) a lovely goat log with Blueberries, thyme and lemon.
Smoked Sea Salt and Rosemary Marinated Goat Cheese - (4 oz.) delicate goat cheese is hand-blended with smoked sea salt and cracked pepper, and marinated in a rosemary-infused extra virgin olive oil blend.

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