Goat Cheese Board

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The variety in Goat's Milk Cheese has become so much richer over the years that these cheeses can compete with the cow's milk cheeses. There are soft, hard, blue, soft-ripened, tangy and/or creamy and you will find gourmet goat cheese from all over the world. We selected for you a Spanish, Italian and two quite different American Goat cheeses.

Purple Haze - (4 oz.) an award-winning artisanal cheese that is flavored with wild fennel pollen and lavender; a combination that reminds you of the French Provence.
Naked Goat - (8 oz.) a 6 months aged goat's milk cheese from Spain. The cheese is full flavored and creamy with a tangy finish.
Snofrisk - (4.4 oz.) a lovely Norwegian goat cheese spread.
Verde Capra - (8 oz.) a unique goat's milk blue cheese from Italy. The cheese is dense and creamy and is like a Gorgonzola with a goaty tang.

(Wooden Cheese Board not included.)

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