Gouda Cheese Quartet

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It amazes us over and over again, that not all Gouda cheeses are alike, even though they are in essence the same cheese. They may all be made in the same way, but terroir of ingredients and aging may products an end product that varies greatly.

Our Gouda Cheese Quartet is an example of 4 different manufacturers producing a gouda cheese and yet they are very different in texture, flavor and aroma.

Prima Donna Cheese - A Gouda cheese with an Italian temperament, that sounds intriguing.
Marieke Mature Gouda Cheese - Based on Raw Milk Cheese and made in the US where it received award after award.
Beemster XO Cheese - the oldest of this bunch, hence XO. Aged for 26 months and quite crumble when cut.
Reypenaer Cheese - one of our favorite Gouda cheese. Multiple award winner, only 1 year old, and already full of flavor.

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