Grass-Fed Cheese Collection

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It might be ironic that we have a "grass-fed" collection since cows, goat, and sheep are ruminants, designed to eat fresh grass. However, large-scale dairying has made 'grass-fed' a somewhat unusual feature with dairy and meat. For cheese connoisseurs, the difference is clear. Grass-fed cheese has complexity and represents a larger system of healthy animals. That's why we’re pleased to feature four scrumptious styles of cheese made from grass-fed milk.

Our Grass-Fed Collection contains the following:
Mt. Tam 8 oz. - An organic triple-creme brie made in California from the milk of cows who roam the foggy green fields of the Bay Area.
North Sea 8 oz. - One of our favorite gouda-style cheeses. These wheels are made in Denmark, and are kissed by sea air while they age by the coast. Made with organic milk, this cheese is flavorful and dynamic, with flavors of butter, grass, and wild onion. A great melter or on a cheese board.
Truly Grass Fed Cheddar 7 oz. - Ireland is famous for its grass, which is why they make such good cheddar. Grassy and dynamic, this 12 months old cheddar is delicious.
Grayson 8 oz. - This cheese is made from milk of Jersey cows who graze in the green mountains of Appalachia. Grayson is a funky bold cheese with flavors of peanuts, salt, and beef broth.

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