Grating Cheese Assortment

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There are many types of cheese that you can use for grating, but there are a few that are just outstanding for that job. Our Grating Cheese Assortment has 4 quite different types to offer:

Parmigiano-Reggiano: this Italian grating staple cannot be missed in this assortment.
Mizithra: a Greek dry hard cheese, made from sheep's milk.
Sap Sago: Swiss, green, hard, made with fenugreek and has a lovely spicy flavor, that invites you to experiment with it.
Pecorino Romano: another Italian classic but totally different from the Parmigiano. Made with sheep's milk and semi-sharp in flavor.

Try these different grating cheese on you spaghetti, salad or just on a slice of bread to experience their flavor and texture and we're sure you'll find the right match.

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