Greek Cheese Assortment

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Our Greek Cheese Assortment consists of three small pieces of cheese that are of great use in the Greek cuisine; for melting, grating in salads, in combination with meat, poultry and vegetables. You can order just the cheeses or we pack them in our Gift Box.

Kasseri (6 oz.)- a melting cheese. Kasseri is made only in the months when the milk is creamy and sweet, making the cheese consistently rich.
Barrel-aged Feta (6 oz.)- aged in these wooden barrels for 4 months allowing the cheese to become complex and rich in flavor. The texture of the cheese is compact, slightly crumbly and creamy. The flavor is creamy, slightly tangy and it tastes like sweet milk. Great in salads or to fill vegetables, and olives.
Manouri (5.3 oz.)- a semi-soft, white Greek cheese, made from organic sheep's and goat's milk. It is high in protein but low in fat. It is crumbly, creamy, and mild, nutritious, and incredibly versatile.
We added an Artichoke Spread (7.3 oz.) to complete the assortment.

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