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Cheeses for the grill may have two essential characteristics; they can be grilled and stay in one piece or they melt easily and are therefore great to put on top of meat, chicken, a salad or vegetables. We selected the following grilling cheeses:

Bread Cheese - Like its Finish original, does not melt, but you can warm it up; place it in your oven or microwave until it glistens. (10 oz.).
Halloumi - This cheese from Cyprus can be grilled but does not melt, so it won't drips into your flames. It stays solid and is soft and gummy at the same time. Really something to try (8 oz.).
Cooper's Mill - Similar to Cotswold, a Double Gloucester with the addition of onion and chives makes this cheese a worthy addition to your burgers, your potato or rice dish (8 oz.).
Danish Blue - a Roquefort-style blue cheese from Denmark which belongs on top of burgers and steaks, or mixed into your salad (8 oz.).

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