Handful of Dutch Cheese

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The vast majority of Dutch cheeses are Goudas or gouda-type cheeses, but that does not mean they are all alike. Our Handful of Dutch Cheese is an assortment of gourmet cheeses from Holland that will show just that; we have selected 4 cheese that vary greatly in their appearance, texture and flavor.

Reypenaer (8 oz.) - an award winning 1 year old Gouda that has already a lot of aging flavor.
Leyden Cheese (8 oz.) - a very traditional Dutch cheese with cumin and caraway. This cheese has traditionally a red rind.
Cablanca (8 oz.) - a more modern version of a gouda-type cheese, made with goat's milk. Not a very known Dutch cheese, but worthy of some attention as this gourmet cheese is very creamy and a great cheese to acquire a taste for goat's milk cheese.
Vermeer (5.6 oz.) - a Gouda-type cheese that is aged for 22 weeks. It has less fat and less salt than normal gouda, but this award winning Dutch cheese still has a has a delicate, fruity taste.

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