Handful of German Cheese

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Germany and cheese may not the first combination people think of, but don't underestimate the popularity of German cheeses. We selected a handful of German cheeses for you that show their diversity; creamy, blue, stinky and versatile and last but not least traditional.

Cambozola Black Label Cheese - a triple cream, soft-ripened cheese with blue veins (8 oz.)
Butterkase - a buttery semi-soft cheese that would pair nicely with a good German beer (8 oz.)
Limburger - known most likely all over the world as the stinky cheese and it is stinky, but it is also tasty once you get past the aroma (6.5 oz.)
Rougette -a triple-cream, soft ripened cheese with a washed rind. It has a buttery consistency with it own personality and flavor (4.4 oz.).

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