Handful of Irish Cheese

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To enjoy a variety of Irish cheese, you don't need to wait until St. Patrick's Day, we are ready to ship this carefully selected assortment to you. Four truly Irish cheeses, a blue, an alcohol infused cheddar, an aged cheddar and a Swiss-style cheese

Cashel Blue (8 oz.): This great farmhouse blue cheese made by the Grubb family in Tipperary, South Ireland. Using only milk from grass-fed cows. The recipient of many international awards.
Kerrygold Swiss (7 oz.): The fields below the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary roam some of the happiest herds of grass-fed cows in Ireland. This cheese is pasteurized and aged over 90 days, creating a semi-soft cheese that with a sweet and nutty flavor.
Irish Cheddar with Porter Beer (7 oz.): is a visually intriguing cheese. Mixed with dark porter beer during the cheesemaking process, this cheese has a marbled effect with dark brown veins. Imported from Ireland, it has a surprising meaty flavor and is obviously a perfect match for ale.
McCalls Shamrock Cheddar (8 oz.): this cheddar is aged for over 12 months and has a creamy, taut texture and sweet, grassy flavor.

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