Handful of Scandinavian Cheese

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For our Handful of Scandinavian Cheese we selected cheeses from the 3 major Scandinavian countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. All three countries are kingdoms; let's see whether you experience these cheeses to be kings in their own right.

A well-known, but not always easy to find Scandinavian cheese is Danish Blue (8 oz.); a blue-veined gourmet cheese with a sharp finish.
The Norwegian Jarlsberg (7 oz.) is known for its distinctive sweet and nutty taste, and of course, those large, round holes. Jarlsberg is often called the Norwegian Emmental Cheese.
A cheese that cannot be missed in a Scandinavian Cheese Platter is Gjetost (8.8 oz.). A Norwegian sweet red-orange gourmet cheese with an unmistakable sweet, almost fudgy, caramel taste.
A Swedish Farmer Cheese (8 oz.) is part of this selection and is a lovely creamy cheese, melts easily, wonderful on a sandwich.

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