Handful of Spanish Cheese

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This Handful of Spanish Cheeses is a tribute to the great variety in Spanish cheeses. You will experience the different aromas, textures, and the vibrant flavors of Spain's cheese tradition. Different milks and unique cheesemaking techniques all play a role in the development of each cheese. We have selected 4 quite different examples:

Valdeon - made from a mixture of cow's and goat's milk and well blue-veined (8 oz.).
Idiazabal - Smooth, rich and sharp smoked sheep's milk cheese that gives off a warming rustic scent (8 oz.).
Drunken Goat or Murcia al Vino - This goat's milk cheese from Murcia is soaked in red wine (8 oz.).
Manchego - A cheese that cannot be missed on a Spanish cheese board. We have selected the 8 months old version. (8 oz.).

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