International Blue Cheese Assortment

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Our International Blue Cheese Assortment brings homage to four great blue cheeses.

Shropshire Blue (5 oz.) - from the United Kingdom. The paste is bright orange in color with vivid blue veining. The texture is firm and creamy, but also slightly crumbly.
Maytag Blue (8 oz.) - an American (Iowa) handcrafted blue made with unpasteurized milk from Holstein cattle. This cheese has a beautiful white paste with blue veins and a delicious slightly crumbly texture.
Danish Blue (8 oz.) - the well-known crumbly blue cheese from Denmark often used in salads, but does evenly well on crackers.
Fourme d'Ambert (8 oz.) - This French AOC cheese is lovely; rich in blue veins, it has a full body, creamy flavor, and is not sharp.

We added a box of Natural Crispbread Crackers that are thinly crunchy basis for the variety of blue cheese in this assortment.

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