Irish Cheddar Cheese Trio

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The cheeses produced Ireland are know for their outstanding flavor, quality. This trio has an appearance that will do justice to every cheese board and other than a super cracker, you'll be set for the evening.

Irish Cheddar with Red Wine - red waxed cheese, veined with red wine, was revived from an old Limerick Palatine Recipe. It has a sharp taste with a strong presence of dry red wine. Enjoyed best on crackers or crisp-bread with a glass of vintage port.
Irish Cheddar with Porter Beer - Most known cheese of the Cahill's Farm, a brown waxed handcrafted cheddar with plain Irish porter beer.
Irish Whiskey Cheese - a simple vintage cheddar entwined with Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey to give it a fabulous savory combination.
Z-Crackers Sea Salt & Olive Oil - an all-time favorite made from quality ingredients, a wonderful simple cracker and because of their simplicity they will enhance the flavor of any pairing

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