Irish Cheese in Gift Box

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Ireland is one of the larger island in Europe, and is rather small in population, but boy can they produce milk and a large variety of cheese. Our selection of Irish cheese is a cross section of the most-known Irish cheeses that can be enjoyed by everybody, packed in our beautiful glossy burgundy gift box.

Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey - the flavor of this aged cheddar is rich and creamy and the added Irish whiskey is delicately smooth, woody and nutty (7 oz.).
Aged Irish Cheddar - a cheddar with a full-bodied flavor that is not overpowering. Aged for 1 year (7 oz.).
Irish Cheddar with Porter Beer - a blending of cheddar with porter, creating a rich, marbled appearance that is striking to the eye and easy on the palate (8 oz.).
Cashel Blue - the first Irish blue cheese, named after the Rock of Cashel overlooking the pastures close to the cheese farm of the family Grubb who makes this delicious cheese. The ivory paste of the cheese is quite crumbly with a tangy flavor. (8 oz.).

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