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Island life affects people and animals, and therefore the cheese they produce. These four cheeses were produced on islands. Maybe you can taste the effect of the salty air. Or perhaps the relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle of the animals will come through in the flavor of high-quality milk. These four different styles will reflect just how talented island cheesemakers can be.

Our Island Cheese Collection contains the following:
The Smokin' Goat 8 oz. - This mild, firm goat cheese is made on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. It is lightly smoked but very mild. Firm enough to sliced or grate, an ideal table cheese.
Halloumi 8.8 oz. - The classic “unmeltable” cheese from Cyprus. When it gets hot it does 'melt', but will not move or ooze into a puddle. Delicious at the center of a meal, eaten toasty with a knife and fork.
MiticaSardo 8 oz. - An ancient smoked sheep’s milk cheese from the Italian island of Sardinia. This island is full of sheep, therefore pecorinos are the specialty. Perfect grated over salads, pasta and more.
Truly Grass-Fed Cheddar 7 oz. - A flavorful cheddar made in Ireland. Happy cows with a possible brogue wander the foggy fields and enjoy the tenderest of green grass, which makes for a dynamic cheese.

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