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Organic dairying is growing in the U.S., which has allowed for organic cheeses to enter the scene too. This organic assortment showcases four different styles of cheese made by cheesemakers who are doing right by their farms and the planet. Lucky for us, their efforts are delicious.

Our Organic Cheese Collection contains the following:
Mt. Tam 8 oz. - This triple-cream brie is made north of San Francisco by one of California’s leaders in organics. With a model around supporting organic dairies in Northern California, Cowgirl Creamery developed this lusciously rich cheese to show the world how good organic milk can be.
Organic Grill and Eat 5.3 oz. -A cheese designed for grilling and eating of course. This halloumi-type cheese can be heated on a grill or skillet until piping-hot, and it won’t run or ooze. This organic version is made in Greece, and a delicious center to a dish.
North Sea 8 oz. - One of our favorite gouda-style cheeses ever. Made on the coast of Denmark, these goudas are kissed by gentle sea breeze as they age. Made with organic milk, this cheese is flavorful and dynamic, with flavors of butter, grass, and wild onion. A great melter or on a cheese board.
Organic Garlic and Herb Goat Cheese 4 oz. - Fresh goat cheese is gently flavored with garlic and herbs. A super versatile cheese that’s easy to feel good about.

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