Riesling Cheese Board

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Riesling wines originate from Germany's Rhein and Mosel river valleys and can be highly fruity; aromas of apple, peach and pear with some floral undertones. A Riesling can be dry to sweet as well as light to full-bodied. Our Riesling Cheese Board pairs well with a Riesling Spatlese (meaning 'late harvest', a wine from fully ripe grapes):

Grand Cru Original - a nutty cow's milk cheese with a firm texture. It holds an array of tastes, complex in flavor. Caramel, fruit, and mushroom come to the top then you are met with the full-bodied rich, sweet and buttery notes of cocoa, toasted nuts and hay. (8 oz.).
Original Blue Cheese - a blue-lover's blue. Nice and sharp, with a very smooth supremely creamy texture (8 oz.).
Old Amsterdam - rich and sweet in flavor with caramel and toasty notes and a long, balanced finish (8 oz.).
Triple Cream Brie from California. Smooth and rich with a thin mushroomy rind (8 oz.).

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