Riesling Cheese Board

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Riesling wines originate from Germany's Rhein and Mosel river valleys and can be highly fruity; aromas of apple, peach and pear with some floral undertones. A Riesling can be dry to sweet as well as light to full-bodied. Our Riesling Cheese Board pairs well with a Riesling Spatlese (meaning 'late harvest', a wine from fully ripe grapes):

Nutty cow's milk cheese: Grand Cru Original - an outer firm texture and an ivory interior, it holds an array of tastes, complex in flavor. Caramel, fruit, and mushroom come to the top then you are met with the full-bodied rich, sweet and buttery notes of cocoa, toasted nuts and hay. (8 oz.).
Blue cheese: Original Blue Cheese - lovely sweet, creamy and blue cheese. Not overwhelming, and truly blue (8 oz.).
Aged cheese: Old Amsterdam - rich and sweet in flavor with caramel and toasty notes and a long, balanced finish (8 oz.).
Soft-ripened cheese: Triple Cream Brie from California; it is smooth, rich, and slightly sweet with a thin to medium rind (8 oz.).

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