Romantic Cheese in Gift Box

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Our Romantic Cheese Board is a careful selection of scrumptious cheeses that will kick-start a romantic evening for two. You will receive the following gourmet cheeses:

White Stilton with Mango and Ginger (8 oz.) - small pieces of mango and spicy ginger, combined with the crumbliness of the refreshing White Stilton Cheese makes a great dessert cheese.
Explorateur (8 oz.) - a French triple cream cheese with a downy velvety white rind and a deep ivory paste. The cheese is very soft and creamy and it has a rich and mild flavor.
Chocolate Capri (5 oz.) - this small log from Massachusetts is a stunning gourmet cheese;100% goat's milk combined with semi-sweet chocolate.
Neufchatel (7 oz.) - a French AOC cheese that is made in northern Normandy. Some claim it is the oldest Normandy cheese. It has the aroma and taste of mushrooms. The rind of this cheese is dry and velvety, while the paste is firm but supple.

The cheeses are served with a box of very thin Crisp Crackers.

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