Sauvignon Blanc Cheeses in Gift Box

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Sauvignon Blanc is a fruity, crisp, high-acidic white wine that has cheese friends made with goat's and sheep's milk and of course there are also cow's milk cheeses that balance the wine. Our Sauvignon Blanc Assortment offers 4 cheeses, goat, sheep, cow's milk cheeses nicely packed in our Glossy Burgundy Gift Box with sparkling ribbon.

Young cow's milk cheese: Fontina Fontal - semi-soft and elastic, it offers a nutty sweet flavor, is very easy to melt.
Slightly aged cow's milk cheese: Mahon – a fruity, sour and slightly tangy cheese with a milky sweet and floral aroma.
Goat's milk cheese: Humboldt Fog - creamy and luscious with a subtle tangy flavor. This gourmet cheese is creamy under the rind and firm in the center. The flavor will be mild and balanced, not particularly goaty.
Sheep's milk cheese: Feta - firm, slightly crumbly and creamy texture with a creamy, slightly tangy flavor, clean like sweet milk.

We will add French Mini Toast that will do well with all kinds of cheeses and pates.

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