Sheep Cheese Assortment

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If you're a fan of strong, bold cheese, you will like sheep's milk cheeses. With earthy aromas and savory flavors, a quality sheep's milk cheese combines all the elements we will enjoy - creamy, sweet, salty, savory.

Our Sheep Cheese Assortment consists of:
Lamb Chopper: a California-made smooth, creamy and firm Gouda-style cheese that has a delicious sweetness.
Manchego: an 8 months old Spanish cheese made with raw sheep's milk that is nicely matured into a relatively dry cheese that has creaminess and a nutty flavor.
Roquefort: French, bold, salty, intense and blue.
Pecorino Romano: From the hills of central and southern Italy, this sheep's milk cheese has a very white paste which can be quite crumbly in texture.

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