Snow White Cheese Assortment

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A snow white cheese assortment, made up of gourmet cheeses and served with almost white crackers.

Goat Gouda Cheese - a mild goat's milk cheese from Holland with a delicate, citrus tanginess and firm but creamy texture and a snow-white color (8 oz.).
Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc - Fromage Blanc, made from goat's milk, with an infusion of lavender flowers, and honey (4 oz.).
Ricotta Salata - an Italian pressed, dried and aged sheep's milk cheese with a dense but slightly spongy texture and a salty, milky flavor. Toss it with tomatoes, cucumbers or olives and serve it on your cheese board (8 oz.).
Triple Creme Brie - an award-winning soft-ripened, double-cream cow's milk cheese with a buttery flavor that is aged around 3-6 weeks. (8 oz.).
2S Company Sesame Wafer Crackers - superthin crunchy and tasteful and topped with delicious sesame seeds and they're almost white.

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