Spanish Cheese Assortment

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In our Spanish Cheese Assortment you will find three not-every-day gourmet cheeses and the famous Marcona Almonds. An assortment that make a strong statement:
Drunken Goat - 8 ounces of a young cheese, made of pasteurized goat's milk that is soaked in Monastrell wine for about 3 days.
Manchego 3-4 months old - an ivory colored cheese with a rich, buttery flavor. (8 oz.)
Wild Lavender Honey - is light and floral and sweet and is a wonderful combination with cheese.
Ortiz Bonito Del Norte Tuna - tinned white tuna, or albacore, in olive oil is one of the Spanish culinary jewels.
Fig Almond Cake - This cake is the classic pairing for Spanish cheese; whole premium Pajarero figs and Marcona almonds.

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