Spanish Dessert Assortment

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Manchego cheese is often served with Quince Paste for dessert. Marcona almonds and crispy thin tortas round out the table. This assortment offers all these and includes a young Manchego, and a more-aged one for comparison. The perfect way to finish a meal.

This collection includes: 

Quince Paste - The classic pairing for Manchego in Spain. A dense paste made from the quince fruit, kind of like a cross between an apple and pear. Delicious with most cheese. 

Manchego 3 Month - A young version of Spain's most famous cheese. Aged only 3 months, this firm sheep's milk cheese is mild and approachable. 

Manchego 8 Month - A more aged version of Spain's most famous cheese. A little firmer and drier than it's younger self, with notes of olive oil, lanolin, and caramel. 

Sweet Olive Oil Tortas - Thin and crispy 'tortas' are sweet and flaky. Delicious after-dinner or just for snacking. 

Marcona Almonds - A plump sweet almond variety roasted in the classic way, and salted. The best almond-eating experience. 

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