Stinky American Trio

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Three cheeses make up this pungent collection. Europeans may have invented funky cheeses, but Americans might have perfected them. Indiana, Virginia, and California are represented here in these meaty, savory, and buttery flavors.

Our Stinky American Trio contains the following:
Foxglove (8 oz.) – A truly impressive new cheese on the American scene. When young it's pudgy with a moderate flavor. As it ages, the outside becomes beautifully pink and the inside fabulously gooey. It's so much delicious at once: funky and salty, yet slightly sweet and fruity, and tasting like butter. Balanced and intriguing. We can’t recommend enough.
Grayson (8 oz.) – An Appalachian-made favorite with salty peanut notes and the flavor of grassy milk. Jersey cows who forage mountain-sides produce this golden milk. Striking and bold.
Red Hawk (8 oz.) - Divinely buttery, this triple-cream stinker is like eating a creamy steak. Dense, rich, salty: something akin to heaven.

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