Tete de Moine Cheese with Curler

Picture of tete de moine cheese with curler
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Approx. Weight: 4 lbs. 2 oz.
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This beautiful beech wood Cheese Curler paired together with the Swiss gourmet cheese Tete de Moine (or Monk Cheese) make up a very nice gift, for anybody, any time of the year. Ideal as that special treat for your next party. The curler, scraper or girolle as it is called in Switzerland, slices very thin curls off the surface of the cheese, revealing the full flavor of gourmet cheese.

Serve the cheese as a dessert, during a party, so you guest can use the curler themselves or just to two of you with a nice glass of wine or your favorite beer. You can also use the Cheese Curler with a wheel of P'tit Basque or to make chocolate curls. Use the Dome to cover your cheese when you offer it during a party of buffet.

When you don't finish you cheese that same day, take the cheese off the rod, wrap the cheese in cheese paper of wax paper and keep it in the fridge, clean the curler (board and knife) - do not place curler and cheese in the fridge as the wooden board may warp.

Enjoy the curls!