Three of a Kind Cheese Assortment

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Three French cheeses, each very different, but still of one kind - the French kind, the Normandy kind. France has so many cheeses, so many old, traditional cheeses, and also many new cheeses. In order to get a feel of the variety of French cheese, but still stay within one theme, one kind, being 'old and traditional', we created 'Three of a Kind'.

Blue d'Auvergne (8 oz.) is a traditional, very well-know blue French gourmet cheese. The flavor if this cheese is rich, piquant, but not too strong, and gives a first timer the right flavor of a blue cheese.
Saint Nectaire (8 oz.) is an ancient French gourmet cheese from the mountains of the Auvergne, with a supple pale golden paste, a sweet and grassy aroma and a lovely creamy flavor.
Port Salut (8 oz.) a traditional monastery cheese and is also known as Saint Paulin; creamy and soft.

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