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There are three major hot-spot states of American cheese production, and California is one of them. An agricultural titan, California is home to a rich dairy history, fertile land full of farms, and good food. These four cheeses produced in the Golden State might just transport you to the sunny west coast.

Our Trip to California Board contains the following:
Humboldt Fog 14 oz. - The iconic brie-rinded goat cheese from Humboldt with the mysterious line of ash running through the center. Hard to forget in appearance or taste, it’s a deliciously tangy and fresh. It’s not a blue, but you might be sad after it’s gone.
Chevoo, Dill Pollen and Garlic 4 oz. - A marriage of fresh California goat cheese and California olive oil. Chevoo, whose title comes from combining "chevre" and "evoo" is a delicious marinated cheese great for entertaining, spreading, or cooking.
Red Hawk 8 oz. - Funky and oh-so-creamy. Cowgirl Creamery’s Red Hawk is like a triple-cream brie, but with a stronger rind, making it extremely buttery, but also salty and slightly meaty.
Original Blue 8 oz. - California’s first blue cheese, and most famous. Point Reyes Original Blue is made with raw milk, and has a divinely smooth and creamy flavor, with the tart classic flavor of blue. Mouthwatering.

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