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Vermont is one of America’s great cheesemaking states. Particularly famous for cheddar, this rural state is lush, green and ideal for dairying. This collection features a classic Vermont cheddar, but also the other styles of cheese this state has mastered.

Our Trip to Vermont Collection contains the following:
Maple Smoked Cheddar 8 oz. - Vermont is famous for its maple trees (and syrup), which has inspired this smoked cheddar. Made by Grafton Village Cheese, who’s been making Vermont cheddar since 1892, this cheese is gently smoked over maple wood.
Harbison 5 oz. - A champion cheese, and cheesemonger's favorite, this little wheel is brie-like, but much better. Wrapped in a strip of Vermont spruce bark, as this cheese becomes gooey and soft inside, the bark holds it in place. It tastes of forest, wild mustard flowers, and wood, all coated with butter. Try it warm for ultimate bliss.
Bonne Bouche 4 oz. - Made in Vermont, but inspired by the delicate Loire Valley goat cheeses of France. This ash-ripened goat wheel looks more intense than it is. The rind is dusted in a flavorless black ash (for color) and becomes wrinkly. Dive in and you’ll find a clean and tangy goat cheese, with a satisfying saltiness. Not too strong, goat cheese lovers will be thrilled.
Bayley Hazen Blue 8 oz. - A special blue cheese made in the rural Northeast Kingdom. You might not have cell reception up there, but you will have fabulous cheese like this one. Dense and rich, it has notes of cocoa and butter. A medium-blue, this one’s approachable and neither sour nor sharp.

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