Truffle Trio Cheese Assortment

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Few phrases evoke as many "oohs and ahhs" as the words "Truffle Cheese". Truffle is one of gourmet food's most enticing flavors: exotic, complex, intoxicating. Combine it with the satisfying richness of cheese, and it’s clear why truffle cheese has so many devoted fans.

We've selected three beautiful examples of well-balanced truffle cheese, and added a cracker and honey to go with. Drizzle the honey on top - truffle and honey are a fabulous pair.

This assortment can be paired with a wide array of beverages, cured meats, and more. Explore and enjoy. Our Truffle Trio Cheese Assortment contains the following:
Truffle Brie – a classic brie, speckled with black truffle. A gooey soft interior, a white fluffy rind, and the perfect balance of brie and truffle.
Truffle Cheddar – a sweet and buttery cheddar, infused with both truffle oil and fresh black truffles. Try it for cooking: this cheese will quickly elevate your eggs, potatoes, pasta, pizza and more into something special.
Italian Black Truffle Goat Cheese – Velvety soft goat cheese scattered with black truffle, and stored in olive oil. Simply elegant on a cheese board, and great for cooking too. Don’t forget to use the flavorful oil in the jar after the cheese has been enjoyed.
Acacia Honey – A light-colored honey produced in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Floral and delicate with notes of vanilla.
Original Wafer Crackers – Thin but strong, these are the perfect neutral but tasty cracker for endless combinations.

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