Wide World of Cheese Gift Box

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Nowadays everybody can have access to great cheeses from all over the world; traditional, new world, stinky, bloomy, blue, made from goat's, sheep's, cow's milk. The diversity of cheese is immense and it keeps on growing - it is the wide world of cheese.

We selected four gourmet cheeses from the Wide World:
Humboldt Fog (8-oz.) - one of the American artisan cheeses, made at Cypress Grove, California. A young goat's milk cheese with a creamy texture and a subtle tangy flavor.
Carmody (8-oz.)- another American artisan cheese. A cheese that is based on a Pecorino recipe, but made with Jersey cow’s milk instead of sheep's milk, resulting in a firm cheese that highlights the buttery flavors of that Jersey milk.
Camembert (8.8-oz.) - a French classic, made from pasteurized cow’s milk, with a mushroomy aroma and a supple texture, soft and runny or still firm in the center, depending on its age.
Fourme d'Ambert (8-oz.) - a blue cheese with natural rind, laced with blue-gray veins and it taste delightful, creamy and it is certainly not salty, sharp or pungent.

We will pack these gourmet cheeses in a beautiful Glossy Burgundy Gift Box. (cheese board not included)

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