World's Greatest Cheese Hits

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The world's most-loved cheeses are brought together in one place. This collection is perfect for those who want only the best, or who want to learn more about the world’s greatest cheeses. It’s also perfect for entertaining, as these crowd-pleasers will keep any group coming back for more.

World's Greatest Cheese Hits Collection contains the following:
Fromage de Meaux 8 oz. - as close to true French brie as we can get in the U.S. This pasteurized version is made just the same as "Brie de Meaux" except for the milk treatment.
Manchego 8 Months 8 oz. - Spain’s most famous cheese, made from sheep’s milk and aged for 8 months. Easily identifiable from the basket-weave imprint on the wheel. Mild to medium, a crowd-pleaser.
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar 8 oz. - A collaboration between Cabot Creamery and the Cellars at Jasper Hill. This British-inspired cheddar is aged in cloth which allows the cheese to lose some water weight, intensifying the flavor. Dynamic and delicious.
Gruyere 8 oz. - Switzerland’s gift to humanity, perhaps. A big mountain cheese, made in 80 lbs. wheels high in the Alps from milk of cows who graze on green hillsides in the sky. Robust, complex, savory.
Parmigiano Reggiano 7 oz. - The king of cheese. Made with the utmost care with ancient recipes and aged 1-2 years. Hard and granular, full of crunchy crystals from aging.

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