Bakerly's Sliced Brioche

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Buttery and delicious sliced brioche is a slightly sweet French bread that can be eaten by anyone and shared during family meals. Looking for the perfect brioche for French toast or sandwiches.

Bakerly's French sliced brioche is the yummy brioche loaf you are looking for. These authentic slices of brioche bread will elevate your grilled cheese, French toast, classic sandwich, club sandwich, and more… The best French white sandwich brioche ever.

Store this sliced brioche in a dry and cool place. It has an extended shelf life of 28 days after thaw. We keep the loaves frozen and ship then dry. It is not recommend to refreeze the Sliced Brioche.

Ingredients:wheat flour, sugar, eggs, butter, canola oil, water, yeast, salt, mono- and diglycerides, natural flavor, acerola extract.
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