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Babka is a cake with Eastern European roots and modern gourmet appeal. Over a century ago immigrants to the New World carried their treasured recipes for babka with them across the Atlantic. Since then, babke has held a place of honor among landmark New... read more
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This cinnamon babka is made from yeast dough spread with a rich cinnamon filling that is soft and moist. The filled dough is twisted to form the sweet-smelling swirls of cinnamon filling you see when you slice the loaf. These swirls pack every bite with... read more
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The Waterthins Classic Cheddar Cheese Twists are a nice snack. The many layers consist of dough and the finest of cheeses. The classic version is mildly seasoned with cayenne pepper. The cheddar cheese twists are then baked in a time honored tradition... read more
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This Spanish handcrafted Date Almond Cake is made with fresh Deglet Noor dates and Marcona almonds. The cakes are pressed by hand and contain no preservatives. This delectable chewy treat comes from Valencia and pairs well with any type of cheese, but... read more
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This Spanish Fig Almond cake combines two healthy ingredients into one treat; 85% of its content are whole premium Pajarero figs and Marcona almonds. This cake is the classic pairing for Spanish cheese. From the Valencia region these small 8.8-oz. cakes... read more
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Blini are basically small pancakes that originally come from Russia and they are traditionally served with creme fraiche and caviar, but they are also great with smoked salmon and foie gras. These French Mini Blini are amazing puffy, they have a... read more
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Geraldine's Traditional Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Straws are know nation-wide. It's said that, in the South, you can't have a wedding, shower, or any social event without serving Cheese Straws. Geraldine's Bodacious Cheese Straws are known nationwide and... read more
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Thin large, crunchy, sweet and delicious a few words to describe these Lemon Cinnamon Torta. The combination of lemon and cinnamon brings something different to the table. Your will appreciate this variety of the traditional sweet olive oil tortas as... read more
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This Original Tandoori Naan is an absolute must if you are a bread lover. Canada-based Stonefire was able to replicate the authentic recipe of the naan; buttermilk, and ghee and the hand-stretching the of the dough. Last but not lease the baking in a... read more
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Australian-made cheese twists are crispy layers of specialty dough entwined with real cheese to create a mouth-watering entertaining accompaniment. These cheese twists are seasoned with Parmesan cheese and garlic and will be great as a snack or as a... read more