Brioche Hot Dog Bun Bakerly

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These Bakerly brioche hot dog buns are your option for a gourmet-style hot dog. The slightly sweet taste makes for the perfect companion to any barbecued meat, but that's only the beginning of countless options.

Brioche hot dog buns have a rich flavor and soft texture that add an extra dimension to any hot dog you want to make. Made with only good ingredients, these buns are the pinnacle of hot dog bun enjoyment.

Each bag contains 6 pres-sliced hot dog buns. Store them in a dry and cool place. We keep them frozen and ship them dry; the Bakerly brioche buns have an extended shelf life of 28 days after thaw. It is not recommend refreezing them.

Ingredients:wheat flour, eggs, sugar, water, canola oil, nonfat milk, natural flavor, butterfat, salt, mono- and diglycerides, yeast, milk protein, deactivated yeast, enzymes, beta carotene (color), acerola extract.
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