Cinnamon Mini Babka

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This cinnamon babka is made from yeast dough spread with a rich cinnamon filling that is soft and moist. The filled dough is twisted to form the sweet-smelling swirls of cinnamon filling you see when you slice the loaf. These swirls pack every bite with fragrant flavor that is satisfying but not overpowering.

Babka is a cake with Eastern European roots and modern gourmet appeal. Over a century ago immigrants to the New World carried their treasured recipes for babka with them across the Atlantic. Since then, babke has held a place of honor among landmark New York bakeries and gourmet shops.

Babka is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee at breakfast or any time you want a satisfying treat in your favorite flavor.

The loaves freeze well and can be served either room temperature or warmed up slightly. This Green's Cinnamon Babka is made fresh with all-natural, nut-free ingredient and certified kosher pareve and should serve 7-9 people.

Ingredients:Flour, sugar, palm oil, water, whole eggs, cocoa, cinnamon, yeast, vanilla, salt.