Grissini with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts
Grissini is a long slender crusty breadstick usually of Italian style. The flavor that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives an excellent quality, even with a slightly intense flavor like that of Tuscany or Puglia. The bread was made with quality and all natural ingredients with no preservatives and no colors. Perfect to share with your family and friends.
In 1999, Massimo Pugi and his family founded Borgo de Medici Delizie Toscane in Prato (Tuscany). Working with some of the best artisans, farmers and beekeepers of the region, he developed a complete line of authentic Tuscan fine food creating an ideal village (Borgo) of specialty foods (the biscotti from the bakery, the extra virgin olive oil from the olive mill, the fruit preserve from the kitchen with copper pots).

Ingredients:wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, natural yeast (wheat flour), salt, antioxidant: rosemary extracts. Contains wheat. May contain traces of soy.
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