Hamburger Brioche Buns

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We all eat our Hamburgers, one person more frequently than the other. We can all agree that the hamburger bun is very important in your enjoyment of your favorite hamburger.

This hamburger bun is a Brioche bun; a Boulangerie 255 Broiche hamburger bun. Their light and fluffy texture and rich flavor will make your hamburger a gourmet hamburger that you can be proud of.

Each bag contains 8 pre-sliced Hamburger buns.

Ingredients:wheat flour, water, sugar, whole egg, yeast, palm oil. Less than 2% of ascorbic acid, butter, enzymes, malted barley flour, natural flavor with other natural flavors, nonfat dry milk, paprika (color), rice flour, salt, soybean oil, turmeric (color), wheat gluten, whey solids, yellow corn flour.
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