Hot Dog Brioche Buns

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Brioche bread is of French origin and is a richer version of regular sandwich bread. Brioche dough contains a higher ratio of eggs and butter (and sugar) which yields a rich and tender crumb that is slightly sweet.

Boulangerie 255 Hot Dog Buns are no exception, this authentic French recipe creates the most light and fluffy bread that pairs well with salty frankfurters, bratwurst, and even sausages made from chicken, turkey, and meat-free varieties.

Ingredients:wheat flour, water, sugar, whole egg, yeast, palm oil. contains less than 2% of: ascorbic acid, butter, enzymes, malted barley flour, natural flavor with other natural flavors, nonfat dry milk, paprika (color), rice flour, salt, soybean oil, turmeric (color), wheat gluten, whey solids, yellow corn flour.
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