Maple Waffles

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When we eat pancakes, muffins, French Toast, oatmeal or waffles, we cannot do without the maple syrup. It is a perfect accompaniment for your sweet breakfast. These Maple Waffles already have a little bit of maple syrup baked into them; based on a traditional Belgian recipe.

Pop them in the toaster and serve these waffles the way you like them most. The batter used to make these gourmet waffles has similarities with bread dough and are thus a delightful filling.

Each bag contains 6 individually wrapped waffles, made according to a authentic recipe. Each waffle is 4x4 inches and 1 inch thick. We keep these waffles frozen. Once thawed (the way you will receive them) they are good for 21 days.

Ingredients:Wheat flour, pearl sugar, palm oil, water, soybean oil, whole egg, sugar. Contains less than 2 percent of: beta carotene (color), invert sugar, maple syrup, natural flavor with other natural flavors (milk), salt, soy flour, soy lecithin, vitamin A palmitate, yeast.
Yummy waffles just like that! Not tooo sweet, but they're good just warmed up. Tried them with syrup, mozzerella cheese melted on top, pimento cheese... Great with all!

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