Pere Joseph Cheese

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Pere Joseph is an aromatic cheese from Belgium. This gourmet cheese is a popular dessert cheese in Northern Europe. It has a strong aroma, almost as strong as Limburger cheese. This gourmet cheese has a creamy, satiny body that is slightly salty and a bit sharp.

Each wheel of Pere Joseph sits for over a month in a ripening cave before a brown paraffin rind is applied to stem the aging process. Pere Joseph is a cheese that melts well, and adds a lot of flavor to the foods to which you apply it.


Coming from the Netherlands I have been exposed to a lot of great cheeses and only a few poor ones because really bad cheeses don't sell in Holland. Pere Joseph is one of the cheeses you can serve the guests that are not that much into cheeses. Its very light, creamy and without the foul smell. Goes well with everything.

Very creamy and smooth. To me it was much milder than Limburger. a grilled cheese with this might be wrong, but I'm sure it would be so good. We enjoyed it with Sauvingon Blanc and nut and cranberry crackers.