Chocolate Biscotti

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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts

Crisp Chocolate Biscotti are a wonderful twist on the traditional Tuscan recipe. They are the Chocolate version of the famous Almonds biscotti; crispy and crunchy, with chocolate drops inside.

They’re called Biscotti, due to the meaning of this word which is: twice (bis) – baked (cotti): the first time the whole loaf the second time they’re baked sliced.

Biscotti are very dry, and thus they are served traditionally with a drink, into which they may be dunked. In Italy they are typically served as an after-dinner dessert with a Tuscan fortified wine called Vin Santo (regional dessert wine). They can also be paired to a cup of hot coffee or cappuccino, milk and black tea, or be an original pairing for a vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

Ingredients:wheat flour, sugar, chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, defetted cocoa powder, cocoa butter (milk), emulsifier: soy lecithin), eggs, egg yolk, butter, honey, partially skimmed milk, raising agent: ammonium bicarbonate, salt, artificial flavors. Contains wheat, soy, egg, milk. May contain hazelnut, almond, coconut.