This cookie variety of Effie's Homemade is so delicious that we highly recommend you try it. It is definitely not your regular chocolate cookie; it is not overly sweet and has a nice crunch of the added coconut, that is not very dominantly present in the flavor.

Cocoacakes is their signature Oatcakes that fell in love with chocolate and coconut. This cookies or crackers if you like have a rich chocolate flavor and a surprising crunch.

Enjoy them with your coffee or tea, or as an ice cream sandwich or with cheese, like Mascarpone, Just Jack, Original Blue Cheese or a mild cheddar or Gouda.

Ingredients:wheat flour (contains malted barley flour), butter, oats, sugar, barley malt extract, dried coconut, cocoa (processed with alkalai), salt, baking soda, water, turbinado sugar.