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Savoiardi or Ladyfingers may be most known for their use in the Italian dessert Tiramisu or in cakes like charlottes or trifles. It is a rather simple cookie, shaped like a large flat finger. It is a crunchy, but soft sponge cake with a thin sugar layer on one side.

Each package contains 60 ladyfinger, enough for the entire family.

These ladyfingers are made by the Bonomi Family. They opened their first bakery in the mid 1800s. Today it is a modern company that combines historic production methods with the most modern technology, located in the green hills in the Provence of Verona.

Ingredients:wheat flour, sugar, eggs 26%, raising agents (sodium carbonate acid, ammonium carbonate acid), glucose syrup, natural flavorings, salt.
May contain traces of milk derivatives and soy.